3 Tips for Selecting a Shop to Fix Your Collision Damage

Automotive collision damage isn't a problem that you can just ignore. Not only does a collision reduce your car's value, but it can also cause a variety of hidden issues that can impact your car's performance, handling, or even safety. The best way to avoid long-term complications from a collision is to work with a reliable auto body shop from the beginning.

Choosing a shop may seem daunting if you've never dealt with a collision before, however. Fortunately, the process doesn't need to add stress to an already stressful and frustrating situation. These three tips will help you quickly and easily choose an auto body shop to restore your car to its former glory.

1. Start By Making Calls

Collision repair can be a significant process, even if you're relying on insurance to cover the costs. Choosing the right shop will help to ensure that your repairs are long-lasting and don't create additional issues you'll need to face in the future. Making the best choice begins with a simple step: calling a few local auto body shops and start asking questions.

At a minimum, you should ask the shop about how they warranty their work and whether they use genuine or aftermarket parts. Nearly all auto body shops will offer some form of warranty on their work, but calling around lets you explore and compare the options available in your area.

2. Select a Shop That Will Work With Your Insurer

If you're using insurance to pay for your damage, you'll want to select an auto body shop that will work directly with your insurance company. Collision repair is a complex process, and it's not uncommon for technicians to find additional damage as they work on a car. Although your insurer will make an initial offer based on their appraisal, this amount may not cover damages they couldn't see.

By working directly with your insurer, a collision shop can negotiate for more money as they uncover additional damage. This approach not only saves you from having to deal with the nitty-gritty details of your repair, but it also improves the odds that your insurer will cover the entire cost without leaving you to foot the difference.

3. Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Estimates

You can ask for estimates, even if you're paying through an insurance company. If your car is still driveable, getting estimates from multiple shops should be relatively easy and painless. When comparing estimates, ask for a breakdown of labor and parts so you can more effectively compare offers from different shops.

Although choosing the right auto body shop requires more effort, it can pay off significantly in the long run. Working with a reliable and affordable collision center is the best way to restore your car's value, performance, and appearance. For more information, reach out to local auto body repair shops, such as Select Collision Group, to learn more.

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