Three Tips For Working With 24-Hour Towing Companies

Few things will help you out like controlling your company's parking areas. When outsiders start filling up your parking lot, your customers and employees will not have enough space. Something as simple as having convenient parking can be the difference between whether or not you have a constant flow of business each day. If you book services with a 24-hour towing company, you'll be able to control how parking is handled and quickly free up space if someone is unlawfully parking in your lot. Here are some things that you should know about hiring 24-hour towing for your business.

#1: Outline your needs and rules for your lot or property

Every company has different needs when it comes to their parking and towing services. Think about exactly how many parking spaces you have and who they are intended for. Set up spaces that are strictly for customers, and differentiate them from spaces for your team. When you create this distinction, you can then create some signs for your parking area so that there is never a question about who can park where. Once you find a 24-hour towing company to give you service, you can also create a sign that explains that the lot is monitored, says violators will be towed, and contains information about where people whose vehicles get towed can go to pick up their vehicles.

#2: Find a company that does 24-hour towing service

There is no substitute for 24-hour towing services. This gives you some recourse in case people are abusing their parking privileges or simply using your lot when they are not supposed to. If you're going to hire a towing company, make sure that they are timely with their service and that they can also take shifts stopping by and patrolling your lot. Ask them what kind of work they provide and whether they suggest you use a permit and sticker system.

#3: Establish a contract that will help you with your towing needs

After you have found a towing company that you feel comfortable with, take the time to establish a contract with them. Towing service can cost roughly $50-$125 for local tows. You can also pay a flat-fee contract per month or per year to be sure that you never have to worry about people taking over your lot.

Use these tips to maintain some order on your property through the hire of towing services.

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