Auto Towing Methods For Auto Enthusiasts

Whether you run a small repair shop or work on cars for fun, you might find yourself needing to move inoperable vehicles pretty often. That might have you considering how to get your own towing operation set up. There is no need to invest in a brand-new tow truck, but you can get a used one. If you do get a tow truck, you should have it well maintained so your truck does not need to get towed. Below, you would find some tips for operating a tow truck.

Towing Capacity

Before doing any auto towing, you should be cognizant of the towing capacity of your tow truck. Yes, it is a tow truck, but its capacity is not unlimited. The towing capacity refers to the maximum weight that the truck can tow. You would find the capacity in the vehicle's manual. If no manual is available, you can always search the internet. Generally, most tow trucks can tow over the weight or a car or van. If you are towing anything larger, then you need to check the manufacturer's maximum weight capacity.

Towing Methods

So, if you have to move a vehicle, there are several towing methods and options available for you to choose from. First, there are trucks that come with chains and hooks. These are found in older tow trucks but are featured in modern tow trucks. They take a lot of time to get the vehicle connected, and using this method can scratch or damage the vehicle. There are times when it is useful. Another way of towing is using the hydraulic powered arm and flatbed tow trucks. These are methods that are commonly used and cause less damage to the vehicle.

Towing Power

If you are going to consider auto or truck towing, you should know how tow trucks are powered. Most are powered by hydraulic systems and that's where the force and power come in to lift the vehicles the truck is towing. If the tow truck is not powered by hydraulics, then it is powered by electric motors. The difference may be speed and cost.

Working with a Specialist

By far, the much easier option here would be to work with a dedicated auto towing specialist, such as River's Truck Center, to move dead vehicles. If you are giving them steady business, they should be happy to cut you a discount. There is less liability when you're working with clients' cars too. Don't look at the hefty standard rates for towing on a tow company's website when making your decision; dig a little deeper to build a relationship and find an auto and truck towing package that works for you and the specialist.

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