Three Items To Keep In Your Trunk In Case Of A Roadside Emergency

Your car stopping on the side of the road is always an unexpected event. Even if you have a brand new car, problems can happen such as you forgetting to fill up or the vehicle's tires having a problem. Regardless of the issue, waiting by the roadside for assistance means that you need to be safe. Here are three items that you should keep inside of your trunk in order to help you when you need roadside assistance. 

An extra bright flashlight

Though many cellular phones come equipped with flashlights, the brightness of the light may not be enough from a small machine. Pack a large flashlight with extra batteries inside of your trunk for emergencies. You may choose a traditional or LED flashlight depending on your desire. If you are stuck on the side of a roadway that does not have much lighting, you should turn the flashlight on so that people know that you are on the side of the road. This will also help roadside assistance locate you more easily. 

Traffic cones or reflective triangles

One off the wall item that you may not think about adding to your trunk kit are traffic cones or reflective triangles. If you need to set up shop on the side of a busy road or at night, you should set these up in front and behind the vehicle. This notifies other drivers to slow down so that they do not accidentally hit your car if the shoulders are narrow. Be sure to pack short traffic cones instead of large ones so that they do not take up too much space inside of your trunk. 

Emergency insulation blankets

Insulation blankets are something that is typically used by those who are in the wilderness. These blankets are able to keep you both cool and warm depending on the side of the blanket that is facing in. Due to the adaptive nature of these blankets, they make the perfect addition to your roadside emergency kit. It is common to find yourself stuck inside of your car during a winter storm or during a rainy day when it is impossible to see the road conditions. Instead of being cold or having to leave your heater running, you can pull out an emergency insulation blanket and keep cool or warm and dry. This will keep you and passengers safe on nights that are freezing or boiling hot while waiting for roadside assistance.

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