3 Things To Pay Attention To When Picking Off-Road Rims

If you want to take your vehicle off-roading, you need to put off-road rims and wheels on your vehicle so that you can safely go off-roading. When it comes to purchasing off-road rims, you need to make sure you pick a winning pair of rims. 

The Size of Your Rims Matter

The size of your rim matters when it comes to off-road rims. When you are going off-roading, you want your tires and rims to lift your vehicle up off the ground. You want to create as much clearance as possible between your vehicle and the ground.  

You can only increase the size of your rims so much before you need to change your suspension. If you want to put really big rims and off-roading tires on your truck, you are going to also need to upgrade the suspension at the same time, so that your vehicle has enough clearance to support the height and size of your new rims. You also need to lift your vehicle up so that your new tires do not interfere with your brakes either.  

Choose the size of your new rims carefully, and remember if you go with bigger rims, which is generally a good idea for an off-roading vehicle, you are going to need to make other adjustments to your vehicle as well.  

The Backspacing Matters

Next, you need to pay attention to the backspacing when you choose new rims. Backspacing is the space between the inside edge of the wheel and the mounting face of the wheel. This is an important number. The backspace represents how close the wheel is to the well. When you are adding off-road tires to your vehicle, you want to move the wheels as far away from the well as you can, thus creating a small backspacing number. When you choose new rims, make sure that the backspacing will work with the suspension and lift kit that you put on your vehicle as well.  

The Offset Matters

Finally, when getting new rims for off-roading, the offset is another number you need to be aware of. The offset is the distance between the mounting surface and the middle of the wheel. When you are adding big rims, your goal is to decrease the offset for the vehicle. Decreasing the offset will help create enough space in between your big new tires and your suspension.  

When it comes to purchasing off-road rims, you need to make sure that you pick rims that really fit your vehicle. Talk to the mechanic in order to find the right rims, tires, and lift kit that will give you the right backspacing and offset so you can have fun without damaging your vehicle. Paying attention to these details will help you get the right pair of rims.

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