Rusted-Out Bucket Of Bolts: Can You Sell Your Car For Salvage?

When you think of vehicle salvage, you generally think of old cars that do not run, or cars that are all smashed up on one or more sides. While these vehicles can still give more life to other cars, it is the rusted out buckets of bolts that may not be so lucky. If you own a rusty bucket of bolts, you might be wondering if it is too late to sell it to a salvage yard. Here are a few things to ask yourself to see if the salvage yard might still be interested in tossing you a few bucks.

If You Were Going to Break the Vehicle down into Parts, What Would Definitely Sell?

Sure, the vehicle is an old mess, but could you partition it out and still make a little money? This is exactly how salvage yards view your vehicle, even with all the rust. That one shiny chrome handle that still looks good and the steel tire rims are worth something. Parts inside of the vehicle could be sold for a few hundred bucks. If you can look at your vehicle the same way a salvage yard owner does, then you can see that it would be possible to sell the vehicle to a salvage yard.

Will the Vehicle Roll Down the Street on a Towing Hook?

If a tow truck can still pick up the vehicle without dropping it en route to the salvage yard, the vehicle has value. It also means that the vehicle does not require a flatbed truck to pick it up, which can eat a big chunk out of the money you would have garnered. Make sure the tire and wheel system on this vehicle are fully functional before you sign it over to the salvage yard and have the tow truck pick up the vehicle.

You Put Fully Functional Vintage Parts into It

Let the salvage yard know that you put fully functional vintage parts into the vehicle. These parts alone are worth buying the car from a seller since the salvage yard already has buyers on the line for the parts you put into the vehicle. Quite often, a salvaged vehicle is missing that one crucial part that would have made the vehicle worth keeping. If this sounds like your particular instance, you can be comforted in knowing that this project will be dissected and the parts sold and reused for other hobbyists' vehicles.

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